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29 Jul

I have been here for quite a while now.


Pop and its gone!

29 Jul

Big sister popped baby brothers balloon today.


Ladybird Ladybird

28 Jul

The girls on were talking about ladybugs and ladybirds today. (I say ladybird) It got me thinking about an old nursery rhyme I knew when I was a kid.

Ladybird Ladybird Fly Away Home
Your House is on Fire
Your Children are Burned
All except one
And thats Ann
She has crept underneath the frying pan.

This nursery rhyme is really messed up. The poor ladybird! As a child I do not recollect been too worried about Ann or the ladybird. I think this is the cruel version that mean kids scream in the garden. (read I was a bad kid). Further googling this issue revealed that burned can be substituted with gone. But still its a harsh rhyme. Your children have all gone 😦 Estrangement Issues? Detachment Issues? Anyone?

I do hope she got back to Ann in time.

P.S when we were kids we strongly believed that yellow ladybirds were poisonous. Does anyone know if there is any truth to this?

Damien Rice

27 Jul

For someone with a seriously varied taste in music Damien Rice has been a long time runner on my iPod.

Im waiting patiently to hear him again.

Damien where have you gone?

He blew me away in Marlay Park in 2007.

So many favorite songs I don’t  want to choose.

Blowers Daughter




Nine crimes

I really enjoy the randomness of this video

Yum Yum

27 Jul

Taylor Lautner! no words necessary..

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Girl Crush

26 Jul

Hayley Williams From Paramore

She is beautiful and she can sing!

Wondering how much effort would it take to have hair like hers.

So Pretty

This is my favorite song at the moment!

I miss you G*

26 Jul

every morning for a split second

I forget you are gone

too many tears

but no regrets

I miss you