Toy Story 3

26 Jul

I have waited a long time for this!

I definitely was not disappointed.

I love movies that appeal to all ages.

Giggles were strong from the start and the cute factor was brilliant.

I loved it!

F.Y.I 3d version  is very disappointing. Seems to me that they slacked off on the effects. Pity really!

Simply for the memories I cant find any links for Toy Story 3 but this gets me every-time.


Me Wanty

25 Jul

Gizzmos, Gadgets Phaw whatever I just want one!

Why ? cos I is a materialistic girl.

I don’t have a chance in hell of buying one!

Just yet.

Job Please?


25 Jul

Is it me your looking for.

My blog is just for fun. A anonymous outlet to rant and bitch. An place to write the ridiculous shizz my brain throws out.

Just random no set list.